File photo iphone x

Sure you can. We can have a lot of things in life for free. You can get a car for free. You can get a boyfriend/girlfriend for free. You can get a house for free.

Of course, all of these depend on who you are and who you are related to – however, that doesn’t mean that getting everything for free in life is good – On the contrary, it’s actually quite bad and can spoil a person to no end.

My motto in life? If you want something, work for it. Work HARRRRD for it. Whatever it is. The love of your life. A car. A job. Doesn’t matter. Just work hard and in more cases than not you will be rewarded. Not only that, but you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Once you hold that newly bought iPhone X in your hands that you paid with your own, hard-earned money you’ll be like -”Damn, that sure was worth it” or, well.. you might think it wasn’t and you’ll still learn a valuable lesson.

If my solution isn’t attractive to you, then all you can try is contests, giveaways or Drakemall. It’s always worth a shot – but go in with low expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

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